By John Suchon

As a patient family at Mott Hospital, the Lucas family freely admitted they were not particularly Michigan fans. In fact, the teams they like we don’t really care for that much. But everyone in the family thought since they enjoyed the player visits on Thursday night so much maybe Will would enjoy a visit to a Michigan basketball game as well.

Well, not only is Will a Michigan fan now, I think all those attending the game are Will fans as well!  Upon his arrival with his family Will wanted to experience it all! Get a picture on the court, get a picture with the cheerleaders, get on fan cam, dance cam, cheer the team, yell at the refs, shoot a tee shirt at me…the energy level was unbelievable! Soon everyone realized there was this ball of energy in the seats between the student sections and he became a sight to see. When the promotion started sounding “Who wants PIZZA!” Oh my gosh guess who wants PIZZA!

Probably the highlight was when Jordan Kovacs and Denard Robinson entered the  arena and were shown on the overhead scoreboard, two girls snatched up Will  (almost before we knew what was happening) and brought him across the other side of the court to meet them. Jordan and Denard (both being Michigan From the  Heart supporters) instantly recognized the MFTH ball cap and engaged Will  immediately. It was really hard to tell who was enjoying the night more, Will,  his family or everyone watching him light up the arena.

I can never say enough about the student-athletes that make these experiences possible. Without their cooperation and participation we all might have missed out on WILL’S ELECTRIC NIGHT!

Plus I believe we added a new family of MICHIGAN fans! But the most touching moment came later when the Lucas family sent me a photo. Will was asked to make a patch for a class quilt that would show something important to him in his life. When I saw the photo all I could think was thank you to all that make Michigan From the Heart happen.