By John Suchon

With all the time our student-athletes commit to community service it is always gratifying to see them recognized for their dedication, character and hard work. Two of our most dedicated volunteers, one current and one former, were the focus of major awards for their service recently.

Patrick Omameh, an offensive lineman at Michigan was named to the All-State Good Hands Team, one of just 22 football players in the country to be selected for this prestigious award. Patrick is a long time participant in our Thursday night visits up to Mott and it is without exaggeration we label him a “fan favorite”.  Once our patients meet Patrick they always hope that in following Thursday nights he is on their floor again.  Patrick’s unique skills of story-telling, humor and warmth make his visits an experience patients won’t soon forget. In addition to Michigan From The Heart, Patrick is involved in several other community service groups, making him the ideal recipient for this well-deserved honor.

In addition, Peter Vanderkaay a former swimmer at Michigan and a long-time leader atMichigan From The Heart; was recently recognized for his work by Mott Hospital. Sept 7th was declared “Peter Vanderkaay Day” at Mott honoring the multiple Olympic medal winner for his community service. Peter was the recipient of the second annual Mott Champions for Children Award, attending the ceremony and then spending the day visiting patients at the hospital.

Although Peter has shifted his training from Michigan to Florida he makes it a point to stop by Mott whenever he is back in town.  As he often does; Peter brought his Olympic Gold Medal along and let the kids enjoy the unique opportunity of holding it or having their picture taken with it around their necks. What a wonderful experience for the kids and their families!

Michigan From The Heart extends our congratulations to these two wonderful young men on their well-deserved awards. We are proud of our association with the both of them and ALL our great student-athletes at The University of Michigan who bring so much joy to the patients up at Mott.