By John Suchon

The season kicked off Friday with the University of Michigan raising their Final Four banner and team members receiving their rings, but more was taking place than this. We were able to bring back the Shadduck family for opening night with Rory and Casey bringing some of their teammates to the game.

It was great to see Rory a former Mott patient and his brother Casey and friends enjoying the game and reconnecting with the players they had formed friendships with. In particular former captain Josh Bartelstein who came over after the ceremony to say hello and show the boys his newly acquired ring.

The boys had a great time as expected and seeing Jim watching his boys enjoy the game was wonderful. Jim advised “We went through some tough times but Michigan From The Heart was always there for us and we cannot thank them enough and all the athletes from the University of Michigan who were always so thoughtful. We have formed friendships that we continue with and will always treasure”.

We couldn’t agree more Jim and this is all part of the “win-win” scenario we feel is the great experience both patients and student-athletes share. We couldn’t share that without our great student-athletes from Michigan giving their time and effort to our group.

In addition, thanks to all the students, ushers, cheerleaders and everyone else at the games who when they see our group all add to the fun and the experience at the games. Thank you all and GO BLUE!